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Free Headband Knitting Pattern


Great as a last minute gift idea using up some of your stash. If you don't have chunky wool, try using 2 strands of aran weight yarn together. Why not try 2 colours together for a 'tweed' effect? You don't have to worry about tension. Only the width will vary a bit...but heads vary a bit in shape and size too!


This easy pattern is a great quick knit. Worked in the neat and unpretenious moss stitch, a firm favourite of many knitters (me included). It lies flat all on it's own, no curly edges. The headband is knitted straight and joined to make a loop. Knit one for you and then presents for your friends!  



Essentials :


Needles used : 6.5mm straight


Yarn : Hayfield Chunky (100g will give 2 headbands)


Tension : Is not important for this project.


Other supplies : Darning needle



Start Knitting :


CO 15 stitches.

Knit through back of loop for first stitch.


Purl one, Knit one. Repeat these two stitches until last stitch.


Knit through back of loop on last stitch. This creates a more even edge.


Repeat this row until work measures 50cm or length to fit head. Cast off.


Sew cast on edge to cast off edge. Along this seam, sew a few long stitches, pull tight to form a gather. Sew off firmly. Weave in any loose ends.


You can leave your headband plain, or maybe add some beads? Some embroidery? Even add a sparkly vintage brooch or some favourite buttons. If you have a stash of bits and bobs that are 'just waiting for the right project' why not go and have a look? Your creativity is the only limit.


Note: to refresh your headband, launder as per yarn instructions. This will help it regain its shape – if it goes a bit baggy.





Rebecca  x

Moss Stitch Headband Free Pattern
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