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About Me

The Design Studio

I established Rebecca's Room in early 2016. I personally curate & make a whole collection of exquisite stitch markers for knitting & crochet all from my home studio. Based in the UK I am thrilled to be serving customers across the world. I think knitting time is too short to be wasted with ugly or shoddy tools.

  • when I'm not designing or making, I spend time with my partner and border collie, outside enjoying the fresh air.

  • I was born in a military hospital in the Home of the British Army.

  • I graduated in Biology from University of Liverpool (I was told it was a better option than studying art - tut tut careers advisor.)

  • I have BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from University College of the Arts (yes I eventually ignored the careers advisor!)

  • I love ALL the colours

  • I have probably spent waaaaay too long drawing naked people to be considered 'normal' (a.k.a. life drawing, the naked people knew I was there!!)

Hello there! Welcome to my stitch marker studio, Rebecca's Room. I am so happy you stopped by because this is where you will find special & unique stitch markers for knitting & crochet.

In 1996 I graduated and moved city to find work. I started employment in a bead & jewellery making shop & swooned over the supplies! I then moved to London, then back to my home town but the love of gorgeous beads never left me. After my third redundancy at work I decided it was time to take control & share my passion for beads & hand crafted jewellery with the world. I wanted to combine my love of knitting with my new venture so I tentatively made my first set of stitch markers. To my joy they were a success! I haven't looked back since.

I specialise in all types of stitch marker from hand made wire wrapped dangles that are designed to be worn and used, to minimalistic sleek silver plated rings. What ever your personal preference you are sure to find the perfect stitch marker for your project here. Each stitch markers is as pretty and it is functional. I passionately believe in bringing you knitting accesories that are pretty and practical to use, and often can't be found anywhere else! 

Fun Facts

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