• Rebecca Foot

Butterfly Mystery Set Meanings!

This is for everyone that got hold of the limited edition butterfly mystery set. Pictures of the butterflies will be appearing on the Rebecca's Room Facebook page. Each bead and ring represents a different species of UK butterfly. How many have you seen on this list?

Purple ring and ivory pearl bead - Purple Emperor (top of wing)

Pale blue ring with grey bead - Chalk Hill Blue (top of wing)

Royal blue ring with sapphire bead - Adonis Blue (top of wing)

Lime ring with pink bead - Clouded Yellow (under wing)

Matte silver ring with grey bead - Wood White (under wing)

Light yellow ring with white bead - Green Veined White (under wing)

Orange ring with black bead - Tortoiseshell (top of wing)

Champagne ring with orange bead - Small Heath (under wing)

Gunmetal Ring with blue bead - Small Blue (under wing)

How many have you seen on this list?