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Being a Designer

So this is my first blog post - eek! I thought it might be nice to get a little bit more cosy & friendly. To have somewhere that I can share behind the scenes action in a little more detail.

What better place to start than how a new collection gets designed? As soon as I've released a collection, my designer mind is itching to start work on the next one. Designing is my absolute favourite part of running this small business. It's my passion! I'm sure that some of you will be able to relate to an uncontrollable creative urge?

I am often inspired by the changing seasons in the UK as I have a love for the outdoors. And nature is so beautiful and uplifting!

So (spoiler alert) I've gone ahead and picked a theme for my next collection (expected to be released in June). Drum roll please......... 'Butterflies'.

After I've picked a theme, it's time to go shopping. I start with a bit of window shopping and create a secret Pinterest board, as a mood board. I grab images of all the pretty things I can find! A Pinterest board is a great visual summary to see how things might look together as a collection. I can also see if it's capturing the 'vibe' I'm looking for. It's a rough guess though, ideas often change once pieces have arrived! That's the next stage for the creativity to kick in....how get the best out of the new pretty supplies!

I search for hours and refine the selection several times to offer you the very best items available. The prettiest items to bring joy and sparkles to your precious crafting time.

If you also have an uncontrollable desire to create, please comment below! I'd love to read your experiences.

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